Data Imaging, Recovery, Extraction and Analysis

One of the most important things to pay attention to is having the best digital evidence at your disposal. Here at Florium Forensics, we are committed to top level data recovery. We employ world class tools to extract data in less time and with full integrity.

The success of investigations is hinged on data extraction speed and quality and Florium Forensics sees to this. Based on solid digital evidence, we make use of efficient, intuitive and powerful tools that ensure a secure high quality data extraction in good time and with full maintenance of the evidence integrity.

With evolution, the commencement of conducting crime is also evolved. Nowadays there is a tremendous increase in the use of the digital gadgets and every individual possess the smart watches, smart phones, smart television, smart computers and other smart gadgets which are major physical shreds of evidence present at the scene of a crime and also helps to link between the crime scenes victim and the suspects. But sometimes these shreds of evidence are recovered as damaged, formatted, erased, broken, etc. hence the data present in them is needs to be recovered for further investigation and it becomes the first duty of the investigator to preserve the data present in the digital evidence by cloning of the digital evidence using the software.

A thorough study of the digital evidence is done and the job of recovering data from the evidence is implemented. The forensic investigator performs different process to carry out an investigation by using effective tools, which consumes less time and are most dependent for preceding the case with accuracy. The sleuth tool kit is widely used software for the recovery of the data from the digital evidence. In this research, an attempt has been made to extract the deleted data from the digital device from the samples collected randomly from the unknown sources and analyzed for the content present in them.

The analysis is conducted on the samples of pen drives, memory cards, and the hard drive where they are looked for recovering the data such as image files(.jpeg,.gif) format, text files of (.docx,.ppt,.txt) file format, and other files. On analysis, it was found that the sleuth kit extracted the deleted data from the disk images of the samples and is capable to recover the aged data as well and works effectively in the recovery of the deleted files. It has a distinctive attribute to export the deleted file to the system and can look for the contents present in those exported files, though files are deleted from the years, hence their data got corrupted which affects the content of the data as well. The sleuth kit also categorized the file formats which ease the study and helps in knowing the exact number of files present in the samples. The research is conducted to glimpse about the extraction of the data from the sleuth kit and analysis of that recovered data and concluded as per the results.