Recover from Crypto and Bitcoin Scam

Nowadays, falling into an Online Trading Scam like Forex, Binary Options, and Crypto is nothing to be ashamed of. These fraudulent brokers have teams of highly experienced marketers that know exactly how to make their websites look like a legitimate Investing Firm. But what do you do after you lose your money, is there a way to get it back?! The short answer – Yes, there is! The longer answer is what this article is all about. Our team researched the Chargeback Services Industry to see exactly how Online Trading Scams work, and how Chargeback Companies Companies such as Payback LTD & Funds Recovery, can help you get your money back. 

How Trading Scams Work

Step 1 – “Trust me”
After leaving your contact details on a website that promises financial profits, you get a call from your “Personal Broker”. Usually, a man with a reassuring voice, that makes you genuinely feel like your money is safe with him, and it is only a matter of time before you’ll see your first profits. So, you make a relatively small deposit, just to see what it is all about.

Step 2 – “Deposit more”
In one of your routine conversations with your broker, he tells you that you need to invest more, much more. Usually, it’s because there is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to capitalize on a major company. Or, he simply tells you that your initial investment is not big enough for him to handle your account, so you’ll be left to make all your trades yourself. So in the hope to actually make more money, you end up DEPOSITING even more money.

Step 3 – “I’m Sorry, we lost”
After the broker realizes he made you invest as much as you could, things start to take a turn for the worse. You start losing more trades than you win, utility gradually (or aggressively) you lose all of your money. If you try to confront your broker about it, you will get some standard responses like: “Trading is a risky investment. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time we lost, I’m very sorry”. And sometimes, the broker even adds: “But, if you’ll deposit some more money, we’ll be able to win back the money we lost”.  How Chargeback Companies Can Help Chargeback companies are usually comprised of Lawyers, Accountants, Fraud Experts, and even former employees of fraudulent brokers. The combined effort of the financial experts with the inside knowledge they get from former broker employees, allows them to know exactly what are the broker’s weak spots, and how to hit them. 

And although the chargeback process might be a bit lengthy, it is a process that pays off. , for example, has been able to return 100% of funds to 89% of clients, in 2019 Companies such as are here to fight back against fraudulent brokers and scammers. And although their main focus is on Online Trading Scams like Forex. Binary Options, and Crypto, they’re willing to tackle any other fraud out there. Trying to regain your money from a fraudulent broker or scam by yourself, is a long and incredibly stressful process. This is where Chargeback Companies come into the picture. After hearing your story and gathering all the needed evidence and information, they take the process into their own hands. From confronting your broker and his bank, all the way to reaching out to the necessary financial and legal authorities, they will do whatever it takes to get you your money back. 

Final Thoughts 
In the last to decades, more and more people fall into Online Trading Scams every single year. Furthermore, it seems that all the Regulatory Institutions, can’t mitigate or repair the damage caused by scams in industries such as Forex. Binary Options, and Crypto. The situation got so bad, that an average person could never tell the difference between a Trading Scam, and a legitimate Online Trading Platform. Luckily, the Chargeback Industry became a beacon of hope to people who lost money, and sometimes their life savings, to those fraudulent trading companies. Just by looking at the client reviews on the pages of Companies such as  you can see how many lives were restored and even saved by them.

These companies see it as their mission to fight back these frauds until each of them shuts down their operation. But they can’t just attack these companies out of the blue, they need people who got scammed to come forward and tell their story. Only by having they needed evidence of a scam, they can confront those companies, and eventually get them to shut down.  Bottom line, when people get scammed for a significant amount of money, they have two options: let the scammers get away with it, or to take action and get their money back. Which one are you? Are you going to let the scammers get away with your money? Or are you going to do something about it now?! The choice is yours.